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Reflect – Recover – Re-imagine.

Mindful Works for HR Leaders

Stress Less – A Positive Path to Progress

HR LEADERS are under fire, a target for everything that needs fixing, soothing, improving, changing, re-arranging.  If you’ve been feeling like you’re in the firing line, or like the meat in the sandwich, expected to be all things to all people, from roster master to psychological safety guru, and that no-one understands what you do, it’s no wonder!

It’s no wonder:

You’re struggling with the workload intensification that’s been building for years and has gone through the roof since March 2020!

You’re constantly juggling competing priorities.

You’re stressed, exhausted and feeling like you need to get to work early, stay late and take work home, just to stay sane.

You’d do anything for a good nights sleep.

You feel like quietly quitting.

The pressure has been intensifying…

You’ve been the go-to for everyone –

Directors anxious about losing money and staff;

Leaders whose teams are falling apart and uncertain about what it means to provide psychological safety;

Staff anxious about losing jobs, using sick leave, working from home;

Everyone with a different take on the value of hybrid working arrangements and no idea of the industrial relations implications;

…and no policies, so it must be your job to write one!

Now it’s time for you.

Mindful Works for HR Leaders is a mindfulness-based professional development program designed especially for HR Leaders and Directors. Combining online, in-person and offline learning, this transformative Professional Development program is packed with strategies to help you avoid or recover from burnout, set and respect boundaries, stay calm in the midst of chaos and make more time for everything.

You are not alone

Aware of the extraordinary pressures that HR Leaders have experienced since the WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sharn Rocco has designed this programme delivery especially for you.

Mindful Works for HR Leaders is a precious opportunity to create a circle of safety and support with people who know how you feel, know the challenges you face every day, have experienced the same pressures and, like you, have been navigating through unchartered waters. And there’s still more to come.

If you tend to do it all yourself, Mindful Works for HR Leaders is just what you need to give yourself a break. The friendly, non-judgmental connections you make, with yourself, others and ideas, will strengthen your capacity for clarity, compassion and confidence. You will be supported and inspired to approach the demands of your working day with renewed vitality and insight.

JOIN DR SHARN ROCCO, Founder and Facilitator of Mindful Works, and discover or rediscover the calm, clarity and compassion that is at the heart of who you are, wherever you are.

Imagine what it would be like to:

Find the personal strength and confidence to say no to what does not serve you well.

Establish and maintain boundaries that protect your capacity to do your best work.

Approach difficult conversations with calm, clarity and curiosity.

Feel the big difference little changes can make.

Be more present for the people and things you love.

Become your own best friend.

Here’s what’s included:

‘Let’s Start Where You’re At’ Assessment

VALUE: $275

As soon as you register you will receive a questionnaire that will provide you, and Sharn, with an understanding of where you’re at, what your biggest challenges are and what you most want to get from this unique professional development experience. This will enable Sharn to tailor the content and facilitation to your needs and the needs of the group.

‘Get Set for Success’ – Introductory workshop

VALUE: $325

Meet the HR Leaders who are joining you on this transformative learning journey.

This 90 minute online workshop will set you up for success and super charge the process and outcomes of working together, in-person and offline for two whole days!

You will be introduced to the concept and practice of mindfulness at work, make accountability connections and leave inspired to think differently about your working day.

Reflect–Recover–Re-Imagine HR Immersive Leadership Training

VALUE: $3250

Two days of expertly facilitated evidence-based mindful leadership training set in the tranquil Brisbane Botanic Gardens Garden’s Club. You are here because you are a leader who is ready to reconnect with yourself and what really matters.

Every day you are responding to the needs of others, working to find the potential in people and processes and, people at all levels of the organisation are looking to you for support and solutions. These two days of reflection, interaction and instruction are the circuit breaker you’ve been looking for.

You will leave, feeling relaxed, revitalised, and empowered with a range of simple cost and time neutral strategies for reducing stress, emotional reactivity and overwhelm, and bringing calm, clarity and confidence to managing time, tasks and relationships.

Revisit and Make it Stick online workshop

VALUE: $325

You will leave the Reflect–Recover–Re-Imagine HR Immersive Leadership Training with a plan for bringing mindfulness to life at work. This 90-minute workshop is an opportunity check-in, reconnect, reflect and proceed with confidence.

Certificate of Completion


At the end of the program, five weeks after your Get Set for Success introductory workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This could unlock CPD points if they apply, and is a great thing to add to your CV.

That’s $4000+ VALUE + Bonuses.

Yes. You’re worth it!

Yes. It will be the best PD investment you make this year!

And you’ll pay a whole lot less than $4000. In fact, you’ll pay less than half that.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There’s a money back guarantee. If, after you have engaged in each of the elements of this transformative learning process, you feel it’s been a waste of your time and effort, simply let us know and your money will be returned in full.

Need more? Keep reading to find more value!

Mindful Works for HR Leaders is for you if …

You are an HR Leader who is committed to finding the potential in people and processes

You are constantly juggling competing priorities.

It feels like you are expected to be all things to all people

You often work late and/or take work home.

You could use some simple, effective strategies for reducing stress.

Your to-do list never seems to get any shorter.

You are always pleasing others but rarely pleasing yourself.

It feels like you are always rushing and racing to meet important deadlines

You often each lunch at your desk or skip it all together.

Work is often the first thing on your mind when you wake up and/or you’re still thinking about it when you go to bed.

You dread being asked to do one more thing.

You resent others who seem to have it easy or are not pulling their weight.

You find it hard to say no or set boundaries that protect our energy, focus, and personal time.

You want to find a way of working that supports your wellbeing that works for you and everyone around you.

You are curious about mindfulness and the difference it can make.

If you are an HR Leader who is committed to finding the potential in people and processes and you said, “That’s ME” at least twice as you read that list,
Mindful Works for HR Leaders is FOR YOU.

Don’t miss out! This is a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER and there are only 16 places. Put your name on one now.

Receive these great bonuses:

Be the first to experience the difference a mindfulness-based approach to the daily push and pull of HR Management and receive these great bonuses.

‘Just for you’ 1:1 strategy session


When you submit your pre-training assessment questionnaire, you will be invited to book a personal, confidential 1:1 deep dive call with Sharn. This 45 minute consult is a precious opportunity to meet personally with Sharn, ask questions and get some insight into how a mindfulness-based approach can help relieve some of your most tender pain points and challenges.

The Mindful HR Leader’s Handbook


This comprehensive handbook will be a reference you can return to again and again, well into the future. It outlines and explains the key concepts and practices that you will encounter throughout the training and includes a recommended reading list, space for reflective writing, intention setting and planning for on-going practice.

Guided practice recordings


You will have lifetime access to four guided mindfulness practices. To be sure you can always find at least a little time for focused practice, these vary in length from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

Daily habit changing email support


Every working day, for 30 days after our Reflect–Recover–Re-imagine HR retreat, you will receive an email that includes an inspirational quote, a prompt to bring mindfulness to life at work and a short guided practice recording.

Day-long mindfulness retreat


You are invited to join Sharn for a day of silent mindfulness practice at South Brisbane Sailing Club on 11 December. Sharn offers these short silent retreats to support people like you who want to step off the treadmill of daily demands and deepen their understanding and practice of mindfulness. It’s perfect timing for some ‘you time’ before all the fun and games and obligations of the festive season add extra pressure to your already full schedule.

Mindful New Year check-in


Revisit and reflect on what you have done, what you have learned and how you can, and will, continue bringing mindfulness to life and leadership in 2023. We’ve all had great Professional Development experiences that we’ve left with all good intentions to put what we’ve learned into practice, only to return to work and have our good intentions to disappear in melee of the usual day-to-day demands. This 90-minute online workshop will revisit key practices, check-in and reconnect with your cohort, set your intentions, and make a plan for the year ahead.

That’s $1287 VALUE for you, FREE, when you take this opportunity to invest in your professional wellbeing.

The unique mindfulness-based approach ensures HR Managers have the strategies and support they need to transform chaos into calm, overwhelm into organised, worry into wellbeing.

Mindful Works Founder and Facilitator, Dr Sharn Rocco, is among the most skilled and experienced teachers and practitioners of mindfulness worldwide. She combines this experience with her more than twenty years as an educational researcher and lecturer in pedagogy and curriculum design to create transformative, mindfulness-based professional development experiences that are responsive to the needs of each participant.

100% of professionals who have participated in Mindful Works workplace and leadership training designed and facilitated by Sharn have said it was a worthwhile investment and that they would recommend it to their colleagues. Without exception, everyone (more than 200) reported improved ability to manage time and tasks, reduce stress and build better relationships.

Here’s some of what they’ve said:

“What I have learned will help me worry less, avoid multitasking, get more done and improve supervision of staff, management of workflow and relationships with colleagues.”


Regional Manager
Anti Discrimination Commission Qld

“The training provided me with space to STOP and practical skills to use personally and in the work place. It will have a very positive impact – creating change within myself and influencing others.”

liz wren

Qld Public Service

“Everything I hoped for and more. I have a renewed sense of optimism and opportunity for the future.”

paul bennett

General Manager
Tamworth Regional Council

This mindfulness- based self-care and success program for HR Leaders will be the best personal PD investment you make this year.

Everyone who has completed a Mindful Works program feels like it made more time for everything and life became more balanced, inwardly and outwardly!

You can have it all for just $1795

This is a never to be repeated introductory offer.

PAY $1795 and receive more than $5200 VALUE when you join Dr Sharn Rocco for the pilot of Mindful Works for HR Leaders.

What you will receive:

Check your calendar



When you purchase your registration you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the to the ‘Let’s Start Where You’re At Assessment’ questionnaire, and a step by step guide to successful completion of the program.


7th –11th  NOVEMBER‘Just for you’ 45 minute 1:1 strategy sessions (Bonus)

9th NOVEMBER‘Get Set for Success’ Online Workshop – 10.30am –12pm

16th & 17th NOVEMBER – Reflect–Recover–Re-Imagine HR Mindfulness Immersive Leadership Training – Brisbane Botanic Gardens Garden’s Club – 9.15am – 4.45pm

30th NOVEMBERRevisit and Make it Stick online workshop –10.30am –12pm


11th DECEMBER – Daylong Mindfulness Retreat – South Brisbane Sailing Club– 10am–4pm (Bonus)


4th-18th JANUARY – ‘Just for you’ 45-minute 1:1 strategy sessions (Bonus)

24th JANUARY – Mindful New Year Check-in (Bonus)


Bring a colleague and both get more than 25% OFF

VALUE: $897.50

The value of sharing this special PD experience with a colleague is immeasurable. You can become each other’s accountability buddies in implementing what you learn, and share the ripple effects well into the future.

Step off the beaten track and come together for the pilot of Mindful Works for HR Leaders and save $448.75 each.

That’s over $5000 VALUE for one payment of $1346.25

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