Step off the Hamster Wheel and Make the Space to Lead

Feel the Big Difference Little Changes Can Make

“Life-changing – simple strategies to reduce stress and get the most out of yourself and your team.”

Caroline Lee, CSIRO

Frustrated by constantly juggling competing priorities and having no time for strategic thinking, reflection or collaboration?

Too often anxious, exhausted or overwhelmed with workload intensification?

Frequently irritable, distractible, rushing or procrastinating?

Looking for cost and time-neutral strategies and solutions that will have an immediate, sustainable and transferable impact?

Mindful Works for Leaders is for You

Mindful Works for Leaders is a mindfulness-based leadership development program designed especially for organizational Leaders and Directors looking for simple, transferable strategies to avoid or recover from burnout, stay calm in the midst of chaos, create a more inclusive workplace culture and make more time for everything.

If you’re ready to:

Relax into your role as a leader

Let go of overwork and overwhelm

Become more self-aware, self-regulating, focused, innovative and open-hearted in your approach to people, processes and productivity

Experience the difference a mindfulness-based approach will make to the daily push and pull of being a workplace leader.

Join acclaimed mindfulness educator, Dr Sharn Rocco, for this transformative leadership development training and kindle the calm, clarity, courage and compassion that are at the heart of who you are, wherever you are.

“…what I have learned will continue to bring greater awareness of my actions and impact on others. I will be more intentionally attentive and calmer. … Thank you Sharn for taking me out of my comfort zone.”

Alison Bethune, Divisional Manager, Townsville City Council

Sharn has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on …her non-threatening, non-judgmental and insightful approach is very encouraging and inspirational.

Tove Lemberget, Team Leader, JCU

Mindful Works For Leaders interweaves Sharn’s extensive experience as a leader, curriculum designer, mindfulness educator, practitioner and researcher with her interest in the work of Brene Brown and Simon Sinek. This practical, strategy-packed, experiential, interactive leadership development program will equip you to build the four pillars of mindful leadership as supports for success:

Self-awareness – Authenticity – Productivity – Compassion

Imagine what it would be like to:

Progress important projects to timely, stress-free, polished completion.

Create routine time and space for strategic thinking and collaboration.

Find the calm, clarity and courage to say no to what does not serve you well.

Foster relationships and accountability with and between team members.

Make meetings meaningful, engaging and generative.

Approach difficult conversations with curiosity and confidence.

Strengthen your self-awareness and leadership aspirations.

Do less and achieve more.

“What I have learned will help me worry less, avoid multitasking, get more done and improve supervision of staff, management of workflow and relationships with colleagues.”

Ruth Venables, Regional Manager, Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld

This training was a useful reminder of the benefits of mindfulness and taught me strategies to employ on a daily basis. ‘Befriending time’ will help me to respect time, allocate time more effectively and complete tasks for efficiently.

Sarah Mathiesen, CEO, Harshmellow Media and Design

To ensure sustainable outcomes, participation and engagement there are only 20 places available for this in-demand, transformative mindful leadership training. Apply now and book a discovery call with Sharn to find out if this training is right for you.

Here’s what’s included:

‘Let’s Start Where You’re At’ Assessment

VALUE: $275

When your application is accepted, you will receive a questionnaire that will provide you, and Sharn, with an understanding of where you’re at, what your biggest challenges are and what you most want to get from this unique professional development experience. This will enable Sharn to tailor the content and facilitation to your needs and the needs of the group.

Make the Space to Lead 2-Day Mindful Leadership Immersion 1–2 May

VALUE: $1270

Leave the pressure and distractions of your usual office environment and immerse yourself in two days of expertly facilitated evidence-based mindful leadership training.

These two days of reflection, interaction, instruction and planning are the circuit breaker you’ve been looking for.

Hosted at The Old Monastery Stroud, off the beaten track, surrounded by towering eucalypts and tranquil gardens, this venue provides a supportive backdrop for letting go of daily demands, routines and reactions, Make the Space to Lead with new ideas and ways of being.

You will draft a personalised plan for implementing what you learn and leave feeling relaxed, revitalised and empowered with a range of simple cost and time-neutral strategies for reducing stress, emotional reactivity and overwhelm, bringing calm, clarity and confidence to managing time, tasks and relationships. Each day you will be served a delicious, wholesome, mindful lunch and refreshments.

Let’s Make it Stick online workshops

VALUE: $675

Mindful Works is committed to sustainable outcomes.

All too often, after returning from even the most inspirational professional development experience, the return on investment is squandered, diluted in the daily demands and atmosphere of business as usual. These 3 x 90-minute online workshops are planned and paced to give you the support you need to effectively refine and implement your draft plan and integrate mindfulness into your life and leadership wherever you are.

The Mindful Works for Leaders Practice Handbook

VALUE: $55

This comprehensive handbook will support you in deepening your understanding and implementation of mindful leadership in the future. Provided to you as both an e-book and hard copy, this will be a reference you can return to again and again. Easy to understand and apply, it contains explanations of key Mindful Works for Leaders concepts and practices, a recommended reading list and space for reflective writing, intention setting and planning.

Certificate of Completion


At the end of the program, five weeks after your Get Set for Success introductory workshop you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This could unlock CPD points if they apply and is a great thing to add to your CV.

THAT’S OVER $2275 VALUE—Not counting the BONUSES

—Yes! There’s Bonuses – Read on to find out more



AND YOU’LL PAY ONLY $1450 – Including Bonuses


You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There’s a money-back guarantee. If after you have attended the 2-Day Make Space to Lead and the three Let’s Make It Stick workshops you feel the Mindful Works for Leaders has been a waste of your time and effort, simply let us know and your money will be returned in full.


Befriend change and maximise time

Improve relationships and communication

Increase focus, flexibility, confidence and clarity

Decrease stress, procrastination and irritability

Dr Sharn Rocco is among the most skilled and experienced teachers and practitioners of mindfulness worldwide. She combines this experience with her more than twenty years as an educational researcher and lecturer in pedagogy and curriculum design to create transformative, mindfulness-based professional development experiences that are responsive to the needs of each participant.

100% of professionals who have participated in Mindful Works workplace and leadership training designed and facilitated by Sharn have said it was a worthwhile investment and that they would recommend it to their colleagues.

Without exception, everyone (more than 200) reported an improved ability to manage time and tasks, reduce stress and build better relationships.

The training provided me with space to STOP and practical skills to use personally and in the workplace. It will have a very positive impact – creating change within myself and influencing others.

Liz Wren, Director, Qld Public Service

As founder and facilitator of Mindful Works, Sharn has designed and delivered mindfulness-based PD for leaders and staff from an array of organisations:

Griffith University logo

Everyone who has completed a Mindful Works for Leaders program feels like it made more time for everything and life became more balanced, inwardly and outwardly!

“Everything I hoped for and more. I have a renewed sense of optimism and opportunity for the future.”

Paul Bennett, General Manager, Tamworth Regional Council

Watch Paul’s video testimony here

You Can Have It All For Just $1450

Including these great bonuses:

‘Just for you’ 1:1 consultation

VALUE: $325

Book a 45-minute consult with Sharn to discuss your plan for implementing a mindfulness-based approach to your leadership aspirations and the particular challenges and opportunities of your work context.

This personal, confidential 1:1 deep dive call with Sharn is a precious opportunity to ask questions and get some insight into how a mindfulness-based approach can help relieve some of your most tender pain points and challenges and progress your leadership aspirations.

Two nights’ accommodation and meals

VALUE: $225

Fully immerse yourself in the opportunity to step off the hamster wheel and make space to lead. Book a room at The Old Monastery Stroud. Arrive Sunday and/or stay over Monday night. Your simple, single room with a view and a desk, delicious, nourishing dinners and breakfasts will be ‘on the house’.

Daily habit-changing email support

VALUE: $172

Every Monday, for 12 weeks after the Make the Space to Lead 2-Day Mindful Leadership Immersive, you will receive an email that includes an inspirational quote, a prompt to bring mindfulness to life at work each day and a short guided practice recording.

Guided practice recordings

VALUE: $95

You will have lifetime access to four guided mindfulness practices. To be sure you can always find at least a little time for focused practice, these guided practice recordings can be downloaded and vary in length from 3 minutes to 40 minutes.

Meaningful Mindful Meetings

VALUE: Immeasurable!

No more pointless meetings. This guidebook presents an array of meeting protocols and procedures that will equip you to plan and facilitate meetings that are focussed, engaging, collaborative and productive.

Access to the Mindful Works for Leaders Facebook Group

VALUE: Whatever you make it!

Bring a colleague and both get 25% OFF

VALUE: $725

The value of inviting a colleague to join you for this special mindful leadership development experience is immeasurable. You can become each others’ accountability buddies and support for implementing what you learn, and have a stronger ripple effect. Step off the hamster wheel together and support one another to bring mindfulness to life at work every day. Save $362.50 each.

That’s more than $1500 in Bonuses! More than the cost of the training!

Once your application is accepted PAY ONLY $1450 and receive more than $3725 Value when you join Dr Sharn Rocco, for Mindful Works for Leaders.

Check your calendar

1-2 May 2023: 2-Day Make Space to Lead Immersive at The Old Monastery Stroud

18 April: Applications close

If you see this as a ‘no-brainer’ opportunity to invest in your leadership development, you’re right. Reward yourself. Apply before midnight, 31 May now and pay only $950.

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