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Mindful Works for Leadership Development

Includes Mindful Leaders 2-Day Intensive
Cedar Creek Lodge
Gold Coast Hinterland

17-18 April 2024

Reflect, Reset, Reimagine with

Sharn Rocco PhD


Make Moments Matter

This transformative leadership development program has sustained impact.

When you're done you will:

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“Life-changing—simple strategies to reduce stress and get the most out of myself and my team.”
Caroline Lee
CSIRO Team Leader / Research Scientist

Say goodbye to regrettable reactivity, distractions and overwhelm

Prolonged uncertainty, frequent changes, staff shortages and intense, highly reactive workloads have us fatigued and seeking short cuts.

We worry, we jump to conclusions, we avoid difficult conversations, we procrastinate. We’re easily distracted and irritable. We’re human. 

You are not alone. The fallout of across-the-board pressure has impacted leaders in every sector, at work and at home.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with a focused group of heart-based leaders. Get ready to reflect, reset, and re-imagine leadership for an unpredictable future. 

Mindful Works for Leadership Development includes five generative steps towards boosting wellbeing and leading sustainable culture change, for you and your team.

You will begin with an assessment of where you’re at and end with a follow-up online workshop and mentoring. Next comes the linchpin Mindful Works for Leaders 2-day Intensive Retreat. 

The retreat gets you away from the office for a two luxurious days with everything taken care of. You will have the time, space, instruction and practice to get clear about how best to proceed with calm and confidence when responding to daily demands and pursuing strategic priorities.

You’ll be expertly guided, challenged and heard​

Designed and delivered by educator and researcher, Dr Sharn Rocco, Mindful Works for Leadership Development is an evidence-based program that delivers transformative and enduring outcomes. 

Of the 200+ leaders from more than 10 organisations who have participated in Mindful Works training with Sharn, 97% have reported that they are more self-aware and better able to manage their time and tasks, reduce stress and build better relationships. 

100% have said the training was a worthwhile investment and that they would recommend it to their colleagues.

“Sharn has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on …her non-threatening, non-judgmental and insightful approach is very encouraging and inspirational.”
Tove Lemberget​

This program is built on the four pillars of mindful leadership, with the transformative retreat instilling profound lessons to move forward with.





Packed with simple, effective and transferrable skills, Mindful Works for Leadership Development offers time and space for you to get the perspective and strategies you need to make the difference you want, for you and your team.

“This leadership training will continue to bring greater awareness of my actions and impact on others. I will be more intentionally attentive and calmer…”
Alison Bethune​
Manager, Business and Finance, Townsville City Council

Reset for Success

Immerse yourself in an interactive and responsive series of workshops with genuine and lasting impact. This dynamic program models simple, effective, transferrable strategies for inclusive and generative leadership, empowering you to unearth the potential in people and processes. From the moment you return to the day-to-day fray you’ll notice the difference. Just as Julia Chandler did after participating in the program tailored for her leadership team:

“An excellent two days! … the actual practical element was just what I needed at this time. Many of the mindfulness of time strategies listed in the handbook will be helpful at work. I’m so grateful that this training was suggested to me and I look forward to attending more.”
Anne Franzmann​
“I have been taking lunch breaks and consciously prioritising better, not losing sleep over the things I’ve deliberately decided are a lesser priority. I spent 4 days in an important workshop last week and stayed present the whole time, getting the most value from it rather than trying to multi-task and feeling annoyed. It has given me more work satisfaction to do a little less overall but doing it more thoughtfully. I’m also programming my diary to make space for the work I need to do, not just the meeting times, so that I get prompts on what is highest priority and focus time.”
Julia Chandler​
Director, Marine Park Operations Branch

Only 25 available

This Leadership Development Package Is Designed To Be Different

We’ve all had great Professional Development experiences that we’ve left with every good intentions to put what we’ve learned into practice, only to return to work and have our resolve disappear in the fray of day-to-day demands. Not so this time.

Everyone who has completed a Mindful Works program has reported it made a difference in profound and significant ways, inwardly and outwardly!

“What I have learned will help me worry less, avoid multitasking, get more done and improve supervision of staff, management of workflow and relationships with colleagues.”
Ruth Venables
Regional Manager, Anti Discrimination Commission Qld
“The training provided me with space to STOP and practical skills to use personally and in the work place. It will have a very positive impact – creating change within myself and influencing others.”
Liz Wren
Director, Qld Public Service
“Thanks to this training I am more self-aware and have a better understanding of how to handle stress and live a more balanced life. I feel I will better prioritise, slow down and get more done, more effectively and efficiently.”
Sam Ruttley
Project Liaison Officer, Healthwise

The dynamic, responsive series of workshops will model simple, effective, transferrable strategies for inclusive and generative leadership, empowering you to find the potential in people and processes.

What’s Included

5 Steps to Success

STEP 1: Get Set for Success Mindful Leadership Assessment

20 minutes online

This online assessment is an opportunity to identify and reflect on your day-to-day patterns, priorities, preoccupations, challenges and aspirations.

The results of your Get Set for Success Mindful Leadership assessment is the starting point for ensuring that you get what you want from this unique leadership development experience.

STEP 2: Mindful Works for Leaders Retreat

17-18 April Residential

This 2-Day series of mindful leadership workshops will give you the time and space you need to reflect, reset and re-imagine. You will return to daily demands and strategic priorities with renewed focus, confidence, calm and clarity.

Everything is taken care of…

This immersive, interactive and responsive series of dynamic workshops is punctuated with brief and longer periods of silence, solitude and conviviality that will reset you for success.

You will leave…

STEP 3: Implementation

4-6 weeks

Time to implement your personal mindful leadership action plan – integrating and applying the skills and strategies acquired during the 2-Day retreat.

You will have lifetime access to four guided mindfulness practices. These vary in length from 3 to 30 minutes so that you can always find time for focused practice.

A reference you can return to again and again, well into the future. This comprehensive handbook outlines and explains the key concepts and practices that you will encounter throughout the training and includes a recommended reading list, space for reflective writing, intention setting and planning for on-going implementation.

STEP 4: Let's Make it Stick Accountability Session

90 minutes online

After the Mindful Works for Leaders Retreat you will be invited to reconnect with your cohort and the mindful changes that are making a big difference to your day. 

This 90 minute interactive on-line group check-in and practice session will include opportunities to revisit and revise your plan for bringing mindfulness to leadership and life, and to ask Sharn anything.

Dates and times will be negotiated to ensure you are able to attend.

STEP 5: Candid Aware Leadership Mentoring (C.A.L.M.)

Your Certificate of Completion will arrive with an invitation to revisit your ‘Get Set for Success Leadership Assessment’ and schedule a personal, confidential 1:1 deep dive call with Sharn. Together you will explore how to continue bringing a mindfulness-based approach to your biggest challenges and most compelling aspirations.

Your Investment: $1245
Early Bird: $995

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain

Imagine what it would be like to:

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Be The Change You Want To See At Work.

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Come as a Team

The value of sharing this inspiring PD experience with colleagues is immeasurable. You can become each other’s accountability buddies, ensuring that what you learn and practice has ripple effects of cultural change well into the future. 

When you register as a Team of two or more you receive a generous discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I know nothing about mindfulness?

Not a problem. Whether you are completely new to the concept and practice of mindfulness or have been working with it for years, the program is designed to respond to who you are and where you are as a leader.

Not at all. You are very welcome to sit on the floor if you prefer but chairs will be there for everyone.

Yes. Sharn has been studying the practice of mindfulness and its effects for more than two decades. Her knowledge of the field has earned her invitations to speak at local and international conferences and to become scholar-in-residence at the Garrison Institute, NY. Her skills as a mindfulness-based facilitator, teacher and practitioner are renowned.

No. The program is entirely secular. Nonetheless, as well as being a career academic, teacher educator and certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, the depth, breadth and efficacy of the program is informed by Sharn’s study of traditional Buddhist texts and receiving instruction from distinguished exponents of mindfulness, including the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Yes. When you book for two or more colleagues attending together, you will each receive a 20% discount. When booking, simply select the ticket type: Come as a Team.

Yes. Airport transfers are available from Gold Coast Airport and other convenient pick up points. Pick up and transfer can be booked and paid for via the venue website. The cost of transfers is not included in the program registration fee.

Yes. Once you have registered and received your accommodation confirmation you can contact the venue to arrive early and/or extend your stay.

When you register, you will receive an email with information about how to prepare, including a list of what to bring. The most important things to bring are an open heart and an open mind.

Yes and No. In the event of the organizer cancelling the event your registration fee will be returned in full. If you withdraw from the program your fee will be returned less a penalty based on notice given and pro rata costs.

Yes and No. This is an introductory offer. The program will be offered again, but not at this price.