Mindful Works

“Increasing our insight, compassion and understanding through the practice of mindfulness is the best thing we can offer the world.”

–  Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindful Works designs and delivers mindfulness-based wellbeing, professional development and mentoring programs to meet the needs of individuals, families, teachers, students, leaders and organisations of all kinds. Mindful Works is dedicated to serving rural and regional communities, bringing mindfulness to life wherever you are.

You can choose from established courses, retreats and professional development programs. Request a program tailored to your needs. Opt for individual or small group mentoring. Invite Mindful Works to come to you, wherever you are.

 Mindful Works supports you to open to the challenges and opportunities of life, with greater calm, clarity and confidence.

With Mindful Works you will learn skills to:

  • be more calm, focused, confident and joyful
  • let go of habits that no longer serve you well
  • reduce stress, worrying, rushing and procrastination
  • improve the quality of your decisions, relationships and communication
  • appreciate yourself and the everyday pleasures and treasures of life

Mindful Works is founded and facilitated by Dr Sharn Rocco.

Sharn is a long-term meditation and mindfulness practitioner and teacher. Her expertise as an educator and extensive experience as a practitioner, scholar and teacher of mindfulness, ensure that whoever you are, wherever you are, Mindful Works courses, retreats, professional development and mentoring are relevant, meaningful, and inspiring.

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