Bringing Mindfulness to Life at Work

“Working is a wonderful way of doing our best in life and of working out what our best is.”

“Working mindfully works because it helps us to work more successfully and enjoyably.”  

–Stephen McKenzie, Mindfulness at Work

Bringing Mindfulness to Life @ WORK is a short course that aims to bring mindfulness to the daily demands and routines of working life.

Research has demonstrated that practicing mindfulness at work can:

  • improve work-place wellbeing, communication and productivity
  • reduce stress, burn-out and absenteeism
  • support organizational leaders, teams and individuals to navigate change with clarity, confidence and grace

The Bringing Mindfulness to Life @ WORK short course will equip you and your staff with skills and strategies to:

  • Reduce stress, distraction and procrastination
  • Improve focus, confidence and communication
  • Bring calm and clarity to workplace demands and routines

The Program

Bringing Mindfulness to Life @ WORK is an effectively sequenced training program of 5 x 2 hour classes that draw on current research and practice revealing the benefits of mindfulness in the work place. Classes include information, invitations and opportunities to practice, reflect on and to discuss ways to apply mindfulness to workplace demands and daily routines.

This training program engages participants in understanding and practice of:

  • The fundamentals of mindfulness and how to practice
  • The value and practice of mindfulness and stress reduction at work
  • Identifying and exploring personally and contextually relevant opportunities for mindfulness at work
  • Mindful time and workload management
  • Mindful interpersonal communication
  • Establishing a personal mindfulness practice for self care and workplace wellbeing

The Bringing Mindfulness to Life @ WORK training program is delivered

Invest in Bringing Mindfulness to Life @ WORK

Each participant will receive:

  • 5 x 2 hour classes
  • Expert instruction
  • Guided practice recordings
  • Course handbook
  • Pre-training survey
  • Certificate of Completion – CPD Points may apply
  • Discounted registration on all subsequent courses and retreats

The client organisation will receive:

  • Participant feedback collected, collated and presented as a written report
  • Unlimited email and/or phone consultation to support on-going implementation.

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