Mindful Works for Leaders

“Leadership is not a position or a person but a process of influence between people and within groups towards valued outcomes.”

“Bringing mindfulness to influencing and leading means making a commitment to valuing people and what is unfolding in the present moment.”

– Amanda Sinclair, Leading Mindfully

Mindful Works for Leaders offers mindfulness-based leadership training for leaders in business, community, education and government seeking sustainable and scalable improvement in personal and professional wellbeing and workplace culture.

Combining contemporary leadership theory with the ancient wisdom and current research of mindfulness practice, this practical, evidence-based professional development program will help you and your team:

  • improve relationships and communication
  • increase optimism, focus and flexibility
  • decrease stress, procrastination and reactivity
  • make decisions about your energies and where to put them
  • open to the challenges and discomforts required to lead

If you hold yourself accountable for finding the potential in people and processes, Mindful Works for Leaders is for you.

The Program

Designed and facilitated by Dr Sharn Rocco, this transformative mindfulness-based professional development typically comprises twelve hours of training scheduled as a two-day intensive or delivered sequentially.

Engaging in reflective, experiential and interactive learning, participating leaders will learn and practice:

  • The foundations of mindfulness
  • Strategies for increasing calm, clarity and focus
  • Aligning purpose, process, time and tasks
  • Applying mindfulness to routine and difficult interpersonal communication
  • Skills that allow people to be heard, challenged and open to change
  • Bringing open awareness to current conditions and available choices

Each participant will receive

  • 12 hours of expertly facilitated mindful leadership training
  • Course handbook
  • Guided practice recordings
  • Pre-training survey
  • Certificate of Completion – CPD points may apply
  • Access to Mindful Works for Leaders Facebook Group
  • 3 x follow-up emails to support and resource on-going implementation
  • Discounted registration for all subsequent Mindful Works courses and retreats

The host organisation will receive

  • Pre-training survey results and feedback collected, collated and presented as a written report
  • Planning and follow-up email and phone consultations to support effective, sustainable implementation
  • 10% Discount on all subsequent in-house Mindful Works training

What people are saying about the Mindful Works for Leaders:

“An excellent two days! … the actual practical element was just what I needed at this time. Many of the time strategies listed in the handbook will be helpful at work. I’m so grateful that this training was suggested to me and I look forward to attending more.”

–Anne Franzmann, Regional Manager, Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld

“…what I have learned will continue to bring greater awareness of my actions and impact on others. I will be more intentionally attentive and calmer. … Thank you Sharn for taking me out of my comfort zone.”

– Alison Bethune, Manager, Divisional Business and Finance, Townsville City Council

“Life-changing – simple strategies to reduce stress and get the most out of myself and my team.”

– Caroline Lee, Scientist, CSIRO

“Thanks to this training I am more self-aware and have a better understanding of how to handle stress and live a more balanced life. I feel I will better prioritise, slow down and get more done, more effectively and efficiently.”

– Sam Ruttley, Project Liaison Officer, Healthwise

“This training was a useful reminder of the benefits of mindfulness and taught me strategies to employ on a daily basis. ‘Befriending time’ will help me to respect time, allocate time more effectively and complete tasks for efficiently.”

– Sarah Mathiesen, Business owner/PR Consultant, Harshmellow Media and Design

“It provided some dedicated time to grow and reflect …I feel confident to try some of these ideas on my own now. The nourishing and draining list was insightful. I hope it makes me calmer, clearer and ultimately more productive.”

–Tanya Schminke, Allied Health Team Leader, Qld Health

“What I have learned will help me worry less, avoid multitasking, get more done and improve supervision of staff, management of workflow and relationships with colleagues.”

– Ruth Venables, Regional Manager, Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld

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