Mentoring for a Mindful Life

‘Every situation is workable–you simply have to understand each aspect of the situation and be prepared to be completely flexible–beyond any consideration for your own preferences.” 

– Kunzange Dorje 


  • Wanting to be less stressed and more clear, calm and confident?
  • Exhausted by an endless stream of thoughts about what you should do, could do, didn’t do, want to do or wish you hadn’t done?
  • Often taking work home – even if only in your head, and noticing the toll on your relationships?
  • Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, uncertain, frustrated or fearful?

Whether at work or in your personal life, mentoring for a mindful life can help

Mentoring for a mindful life will support you to:

  • transform habits that no longer serve you well
  • accept that the only mind and behaviour you can change is your own
  • nourish yourself and your relationships with mindful awareness
  • practice making the changes that will allow you to live the life you want

Mentoring for a Mindful life is a personalised, tailored series of 1:1 mindfulness-based consultations with Dr Sharn Rocco. Packed with practical strategies and resources meet your personal and professional needs and aspirations.

When you get clear about how you want to live your life, you help create the world you want to live in.

Make work the place to be and be at you best.

Mentoring for a Mindful Life at Work will empower you with strategies to

  • reduce stress and build resilience,
  • harness your attention improve productivity and focus.
  • clarify the what and why of your aspirations, habits and values
  • approach challenges and opportunities with calm, clarity and confidence
  • make time your ally and complete tasks with mindful awareness
  • heal relationships and engage in difficult conversations with insight and empathy

The investment

Mentoring for a Mindful Life packages begin at $ $1,450

This includes:

  • Private, personalised individual or small group mentoring sessions
  • Unlimited emails
  • Free guided practice recordings and reference materials
  • Discounts on Mindful Works courses and retreats

To find out more about ‘Mentoring for a Mindful Life’ packages simply email: or call: 0458 111 373

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