“External discipline creates internal freedom.”

 With Mindful Works you are in the best of hands. Founder and facilitator, Sharn Rocco (PhD), has extensive experience as a meditation and mindfulness practitioner, teacher, researcher and teacher educator. She brings skills and understandings accrued from years of designing curriculum and teaching and facilitating learning for large and small groups in education, health, corporate and community settings.

Sharn has twice been scholar-in-residence for the Garrison Institute New York and has taught mindfulness courses and led day-long and weekend retreats in various locations in NSW and Queensland as well as in New York, Ubud and Oslo. Since moving on from her tenured academic position at James Cook University in 2012, she has taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in various locations and designed and delivered acclaimed short courses and retreats for personal and professional development. Her expertise is grounded in more than a decade of daily mindfulness and meditation practice supported by frequent retreats and teachings received from renowned meditation masters in Australia, France and the USA.

Sharn is dedicated to bringing mindfulness to life wherever you are. She is constantly inspired by witnessing how people from all walks of life are able to make changes that positively improve how they experience and respond to daily life.

Comments from Mindful Works students:

“Sharn knows her stuff, has a great teaching style and handles questions well.”

– Kristen Wicking, Senior Lecturer, Townsville

“I really enjoyed Sharn’s accepting, non-judgmental nature.”

– Naomi Kilby, Small Business Owner, Gloucester

“Sharn’s explanations were quite profound, yet common sense.”

– Keren King, Accountant, Townsville

“I appreciated the professional way in which Sharn presented the information and was gentle yet firmly directive.”

– Caroly Laurie, Grazier, Walcha

“If you practice what Sharn teaches you will learn to manage and appreciate your life and time more effectively.”

– Margaret Shelton, Company Director, Taree

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