Daylong Retreats

Mindful Works Daylong Retreats are an opportunity for you to step out of the busy-ness of life, relax, reboot and regain perspective. Mindful Works Daylong Retreats are designed to suit beginners and people wanting to refresh or deepen their mindfulness practice.

A Mindful Works Daylong Retreat is the ideal way to bring mindfulness to your community. All you need is a suitable venue and willingness to encourage others to come along.

Since the first Mindful Works Daylong Retreat in 2012, Sharn has offered more than 30 daylong retreats for more over 500 people in various locations – from Bathurst to Brisbane, from New York to Dalby, and all sorts of places in between and beyond.

What to Expect

You will enjoy six hours of mostly silent, guided practice and instruction. There will be opportunities to:

  • learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and the postures of meditation
  • practice sitting, walking and compassion meditations
  • experience mindful eating and techniques for mindfulness in daily life
  • ask questions and connect with like-minded others

You will leave feeling rested, relaxed and ready to bring mindfulness to life wherever you are.

Your Investment

 $145 per person or $225 Ticket for 2

Concessions for students, seniors and low-income earners, groups and people who have previously attended a Mindful Works course or retreat available on request. For more information click on the relevant link in the list below:

Upcoming Daylong Retreats

The Pavillion, Tamworth, 23rd May, 2024

What people are saying about Mindful Works daylong retreats

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day on Sunday.  It was the most relaxing day and I loved the new tools I can now add to my mindful toolbox.”

– Fiona, Bendemeer

“The day was well structured, well facilitated, well executed and extremely good value. I certainly feel clearer and less inclined to lie to myself about the reasons I hold myself back.  The setting created the perfect backdrop for deeply resonant experience.”

– Karin, Bathurst

“…the whole day felt rightly balanced between organized and organic.”

– Anna, Garrison Institute NY

“A full day retreat is a wonderful option to experience getting in touch with yourself. … Sharn provides a great space to facilitate this process, I am truly grateful.”

– Linda, Townsville

“I got a lot from the day especially on mindful eating. I get quite full on much less food and enjoy it more.”

– Darrell, Barraba

Townsville – Riverside Gardens Community Centre, 12 May 2018“I’m so glad to have attended the day. Lots happening in my life at the moment and I’m so much more relaxed with it. Thank you soooooo much.”

–Patricia, Bathurst

“Thank you so much for the day, it really opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself.” 

– Kerri, Bendemeer

A beautiful day spent at the daylong meditation and mindfulness retreat. Well worth it! I highly recommend!”

– Arminelle, Townsville


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